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and cut people's taxes. [cheering] >> there are almost one million young people still out of work and a record number of people working part-time who can't find full-time work. that is no cause for complacency. i think the british people will be very surprised if the prime minister is telling them their living standards are rising while they know the truth. living standards are falling month upon month. there is a cost-of-living crisis. one of the reasons is rising energy bills. one leading charity reports it is one of the things driving people to food banks. in light of that, though the prime minister think that the energy company's decision to raise energy bills by 8.2% is justified? >> let me come back to him on the youth unemployment figures. the youth claimant count, the number of young people claiming unemployment benefits is down 79,000 since the election. there is no complacency. we need more young people in work, more jobs. the figures show there are one million more people in work than there were when this government came to office. let me remind the gentleman of somethi
to knock out a deal on entitlements, on the sequestration, and on tax reform. am i to assume that in the next 90 days? >> no, you should not assume that i think any great expectations for tax reform are unrealistic. anything that could happen will boil down to a small deal, and the most likely deal is trading some kind of sequestration changes for chained cpi or another type of entitlement. >> i hope they keep the sequester. the only reason i like this deal is they kept the sequestration in. the budget caps are in. in my humble opinion, that's good for the economy. robert costa, thank you as always. we'll see you later. the question now is this rally sustainable? let's go down to the new york stock exchange where bob pisani joins us now with the details. good evening, robert. >> hello, robert. we're having a party down here right now, though it's not to celebrate the shutdown. the stock market rally, a little sell on the news as the deal was announced midday. but stocks closed at their high. the dow jones industrial average, you see that here, now only about 2% from the histo
of these restrictions. that goes on. why do they need to tax anybody or borrow the money? why doesn't ben bernanke just print it all? we are told this is wonderful for us. quantitative easing. why not quadruple quantitative easing just to handle everything that way? you cannot believe anything they say. it is the old british saying, never believe anything officially denied. we should not believe the republicans or democrats. they only have themselves and the special interests. >> economic crisis raging in the eurozone, both had a lot to say on the matter. let's take a quick listen to obama. >> they are going through a financial crisis scaring the world and they are trying to take responsible actions, but the actions have not in quite as quick as they need to be the biggest headwind, that the american economy is facing right now, is uncertainty about europe. it is affecting global market. >> the shoe is on the other foot. he should be taking more of his own advice. >> it is always somebody else's fault. it is not his fault or the american government's fault, those guys in europe. the nation fundamentall
minister shinzo abe remains popular, even after he announced his plan to raise the consumption tax. >>> a proposal was made on the country's nuclear program, meeting with delegates from six major powers for the first time since president hassan rouhani took office in august. the two days of talks are happening in gin eve a. participants include mohammed sareef and foreign policy chief ashton. envoys from the u.s., russia, china, france, and germany are there, too. ashton's spokesperson said zarrif gave a 30-minute presentation to explain tehran's ideas. they propose to accept tougher inspections, in exchange they want western powers to ease economic sanctions on them. the u.s. and other nations have demanded the iranians stop enriching uranium close to weapons grade. they say only then would they ease sanctions. >>> a large and powerful typhoon is churning toward japan's biggest metropolis. residents of tokyo and the surrounding area are preparing to take cover from heavy rain and fierce winds. officials at the meteorological agency said wipha could be the strongest typhoon to hit
is to grow the economy, keep reducing the jobs and cut people's taxes. -- keep producing the jobs. >> prime minister, the almost 1 million young people still out of work and record numbers of people working part-time who can't find full-time work. that is no cause for complacency for this government. and i think the british people will be very surprised to hear the prime minister duncan their living standards are rising when they know the truth. under him living standards are falling months upon months upon months there is a cost of living crisis and one reason is rising energy bills which one leading charity reports today is one of the things driving people to food banks. in light of that does the prime minister think the energy company to raise its customers energy bills by a.d. .2% as justified? >> first of all let me come back to on the youth unemployment figures which he mention. because the youth claimant count the number of young people claiming unemployment benefit is down 79,000 since the election. there's no complacency, we need more young people in work, more jobs. one of the rem
. billion pension reform, property tax cap, but is that the past. that have been passed. is important that folks know who i am and what i tell them something i'm telling the truth as i see it and i will not mince words about it. i think that is the way those people in new jersey are. they are not going to say anything from chris christie the second term if we're lucky enough to have one. at theink the governor last debate he defended his name-calling and bullying by saying it was an example of strong leadership. he said it was an example of street talk. i disagree. i think it is an example of a disrespect for people's opinions when they happen to disagree with him, whether they are a veteran or other legislators. i think that undermines coming together in strong by partnership and being able to bridge the gap. i do not think that the strong leadership. a perceptionen that you had trouble vocalizing the troops behind you. a lot of financial donations coming in. you have had 50 elected officials in the state endorsed the governor, not just say they will sit this one out but tell they wi
in this conversation. on twitter, some of your reactions. if the government is shut down, why are we still paying taxes? a lot of people don't really understand how this partial shutdown works. fixed the thing is that the government is shut down, if there is no budget that is voted by the house and by the senate, and that is signed by the president of the united states. part of the republican party is holding the entire nation and potentially the entire world hostage by refusing to put forward a bill that does not include a repeal of the affordable care act, which is called obama care. i don't like that word, actually. but the affordable care act, and the problems, there are about 500,000 federal employees furloughed because of that. that is, they are not working. about 350,000 defense employees are still working because of extraordinary provisions that allow them to work and to be paid. i think in the long run, both sides have a point that republicans and democrats should agree on reductions in federal spending, because federal debt is unsustainable, but the problem is the decision-making process am a
. oregon is trying a mileage tax. get ready for other states to follow, why should they just tax you at the pump, when, in big distances like you cross in oregon, you could be tacked by the mile -- taxed by the mile, they are going to try that, all those folks with fuel-efficient vehicles, that get like 100-miles a gallon, you will be paying per mile. so there you go. all right, two individual women. this is a disaster, and she can fit into these cars. i look at these people, i say -- but you say what? what do we make of this? >> well, look, this is another example of the government 3 steps behind consumers and private marketplace, consumers are driving less, fuel efficiency standards are up, more people are buying those tiny electric cars, that is a big problem for the state of oregon, they are not raising enough revenue. but this is a great chance to talk about how to cut spending rather than raise menu, talk about privatizing our highway system. neil: sabrina, did residents of the state go along with this? or what? >> well, oregon has not managed to sign up one person in the excha
and got her free. >> i know the republicans have said they will not raise taxes. i know that is going to be a sticking point, but i will know that the democrats, although they say they want to do both things are probably looking at things differently than what erskin boels has laid out for us. he said his idea of a grand bargain, something what would help the country at this point would be raising $2 trillion -- i'm sorry, cutting $2 trillion and then raising four to $500 billion in new revenue, new taxes. if you do that by closing loopholes or other ways around. now, to come to numbers like that, you think it would be more difficult to pull the democrats or more difficult to pull the republicans? a lot of those cuts could be doing things like cutting tax breaks for businesses, and other special interests that are out there. and that is something that i believe plenty of people in the tea party and others might sign on to. >> i think it would be more difficult to get republicans to come on to that bargain because they have a bright line on taxes. democrats, as i mentioned -- a but if
in a rambling so big government spending and taxing scolding speech. sths no way to win us back and it is no program to grow the economy. meanwhile obama care has nothing to do with growing the chicago either. and now the front pages are starting to fill up with the disastrous truth about the program .computer glitches are due to the administration's deliberately being secretive, stone walling, opaque so as to hide price sticker shock. no one's been fired yet and team obama keeps assuring us all is well, but it's not. meanwhile all appears to be well on wall street. that's a good contrast. the record high for the s&p 500 today. en investors shift their focus from washington to profits and rock bottom interest rates as far as the eye can see. all those stories and much more coming up on the kudlow report beginning right now. we're live here 7:00 p.m. hee eastern, tonight story, the partial government shutdown is over. president obama signed into law a deal approved by congress to reopen the federal government and provide a temporary debt ceiling hike. averting by the way a potent
with more gop sweeteners. including a two-year delay in the healthcare law tax on medical devices and canceling health insurance subsidies for members of congress and the president's cabinet. >> the president signed a bill that left himself outside of obama care but put members of congress in. i think it's time president obama go into obama care. >> reporter: democrats here are accusing house republicans of trying to derail the senate compromise. >> it's nothing more than a blatant attack on bipartisanship. >> this is an effort to sabotage it, delay it and undermine it. >> reporter: the white house say its the bill makes it to the president's desk, he will veto it. in washington, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you, danielle. wjz live complete coverage continues with jessica kartalija. she's live in washington. she speaks with a local federal worker about the shutdown. hi, jess. >> hi, kai. it is incredibly quiet here on capitol hill. but for one maryland worker, he tells me he's still coming to work, afraid of what might happen if he doesn't show up. >> reporte
deficit. >> rose: can't we have growth entitlement reform as well as tax reform at the same time? and that you will have revenues to do the things that you believe are essential for america to be competitive in the 21st century. and to do with research having to do with infrastructure, having to do with productivity. and at the same time have entitlement reform and at the same time eliminate some of the deductions that corporate america has come to believe are necessary but may not be. >> charlie, there's certainly some changes in the entitlements that are desirable. there's certainly room to broad i the tax base. but those are means to an end. the end we should be focused on is raising growth and raising standards of living. what i was stressing before, was, and this is contrary to the washington wins at the moment. if we can pick up growth by only several tenths of a percentage, the budget fundamentally is balanced in the sense the debt will not be rising relative to gdp. we don't have to flash social security. you know, yes, there's changes that probably should be looked at ov
repeal the medical device tax included in the affordable care act. that doesn't seem be on the table. >> guest: earlier this year 79 senators voted to repeal the device tax because it is bad policy. it is a tax on all revenue, not just profits. this would especially hurt new startup manufacturing companies in this country. those businesses that rely on innovation to be successful. they need more capitol in those early stages for r&d investment and hopefully discover the next great thing that could lead to more cost savings in the health care system. there is wide bipartisan support in the house doing it to. what we're talking about is paying for it so we're not contributing to the deficit. that is whole new discussion around here when it comes to repealing the device tax. >> host: this is what the "washington post" editorial board says about that this morning. if the main outcome of the crisis is to suspend the medical device tax or health care measures washington will prove only making deficit worse is basis for bipartisan agreement. other critics of repealing the device tax say it'
's taxes but mine. you can cut anybody's check but mine. that is the mindset we have arrived at. everybody thinks it is all about me. when we realize this is about to of us and we may all have pay a little bit more in taxes and yes, we may receive a little bit smaller check, that is the only time that we are going to start dealing with the ultimate problem which is debt. we have to get it paid. thank you and have a great morning. host: here is a piece that was featured on brightbart's website this morning -- that is what the budget chairman told a conservative radio show on monday morning. david, in taxes, democratic caller -- caller: good morning, i have heard a couple of callers on their that have made some good sense and some people who have made some nonsense. you just recently spoke to a gentle man that said exactly the right thing. he said that people are thinking just about me, don't raise my and, don't cut my check, it's all about just one person. our constitution, i think, says we, the people, if i'm not mistaken. yes, our debt, can be paid down but we are going to have to realiz
it has paid all tax it should have paid. >>> well, a number of people in britain relying on food banks has tripled over the last years. one of the charities said it handed out free food to 300,000 people between april and june and thousands of users were there because of delays in payment of state benefits. [ protesters ] >> reporter: iin a spanish town the court stop the eviction of 16 families from their home. the building is owned by the so-called bad bank established last year to rid spanish banks of debt ridden properties. >>> now these are some of the winners among tens of thousands of photographs that were entered for this year's wildlife photographer of the year award. the judge versus been sifting through the amazing images and they'll be going on display in london's natural history museum while the chair of the panel tells barnaby phillips why it just keeps getting better every year. >> the bar keeps getting raised. from india, incredibly articulate, amazing photograph. the bar keeps getting higher and higher. >> i noticed, and one has to notice many of the photographs are of
his security detail are 100% untrue. >> till ahead, defending baltimore bottle tax. stephanie rawlings-blake response to claim that this drove a longtime grocer out of business. why she says the fee is a necessity for the city. the holidays are approaching quickly. a peek at some of this year's hott >> baltimore city mayor stephanie rawlings-blake news fending the bottle tax. the grocer is closing its highlandtown location after 83 years in business. the store's owner says that they have lost $4 million as the bottle tax went into effect at the mayor says the taxes helping to close a budget gap and it is funding $1 billion in city school projects. the bottle tax and other reforms in 2010, we were able to fully fund our obligations to public schools, maintain police officers and firefighters and keep all of our library is open. >> even with the bottle tax, the mayor pointed out five new grocery stores have since opened in the city and three more are on the way. as the mayor defense or policies, her former political aide hopes to shed the controversial past and make a run for the senate.
to announce his candidacy this monday. >> staunchly defending a bottle tax. one day after a grocer blame the tax for putting them out of business. thatayor expressed regret the grocer is closing after 83 years. tax pays for $1 billion for city schools. >> the bottle tax helps baltimore close a budget deficit and keeps our city on sound financial footing without cutting vital city services. the bottle tax allows us to fund open schools, maintain police officers and firefighters and keep our libraries open. even with the bottle tax, five new grocery stores have opened. opening statements are expected to begin tomorrow in a trial of a baltimore city police officer was accused of shooting a police are cute -- recruits. recklessrged with endangerment in the shooting of raymond gray in a training exercise back in february. gray is not expected to testify in a criminal case. attorney has filed a $5 million civil suit. authorities are on the lookout for escaped inmate. the 33-year-old took off at 1:00 this afternoon. he was last seen running towards the highway. authorities say that he has tatto
up, wages are going down, taxes are going up, i am working about half of what i used to. the government keeps spending money on these crony capitalism -- they keep making the dollar go less by less. i think washington has turned into the emerald city, everything goes in and nothing comes back to the people. we don't need the federal government. you go to washington and it is like going to the garden of eden where every business is open. up in delaware half the businesses are closed. there is no opportunity for young men in that town. has acted beyond the constitution. all bills should start in the house, the house should have the purse strings. that is why i represent and work with the people right now. i cannot take it anymore. you thinkia what did about what jim from delaware had to say? caller: we live in the greatest country in the world. i would not want to live anywhere else but america. be dissuaded ever away from america. you can do anything in america. i am an african american woman. we did not have rights years ago. we were enslaved. i don't look back on negati
affair. paris sumance the u.s. ambassador over new revelations of spying. and france's new wealth tax has many football bosses fuming. that law would slap a 75% tax rate on stars' salaries but it is football clubs that would foot the bill. thank you for joining us. first in australia two massive fires are inching slowly toward each other if the searing heat and high winds get worse those bush fires in southeastern australia could meet up creating an extremely rare mega fire not far from sydney. more than 200 homes have been destroyed so far. >> a blazing front of 300 kilometers. it is just one of several across new south wails in the worst fire disaster the state has seen for nearly half a century. several blazes remain out of control across the blue mountains just 100 kilometers from sydney. firefighters battle to contain them. they fear increasingly strong winds and searing heat could see the three main fronts merge. a state of emergency was declared on sunday. however, suggestions that all communities in the blue mountains where 76,000 pe
. economic growth increases the tax base and reduces the deficit which is what the republican party says it wants from all this, and yet the gop continues to manufacture crises that hurt growth in undeniable and measurable ways. it makes you wonder what they're actually trying to accomplish. joining me now is leslie o' leary, even if we are bailed out, let's take the best-case scenario, john boehner falls on his sword, this thing was for no reason, for naught. this could have been done three week ago. >> you kind of light it out there and the headline numbers sound really wonky, but they should scare you. and they should scare anyone that you had barry black talking about governing in crisis, this idea of lurching from crisis to crisis, so this economic firm, macroeconomic advisers, they're highly respected, you nailed it 900,000 jobs lost and we think about the unemployment rate of 7.7%. it would be 6.7% if this was on going on. >> and that's not a small thing, that's three months of job growth. >> quite spectacular job growth compared to we have seen. 6.7 unemployment is not good, but
tax holes that do not -- corporate tax holes that do not create jobs. our deficits are shrinking, not growing. we should finish the job of firkin -- a fixing our broken immigration system. there's a broad coalition that is behind this effort from business leaders to faith leaders to law enforcement. it would grow our economy, it would secure our borders, the senate has artie passed a bill with strong bipartisan support. and now the house should to. the majority of americans think this is the right thing to do. it can and should get done by the end of this year. bill, onepass a farm that america's farmers and ranchers can depend on, one that depends choate -- that protects children and adults in times of need. host: if you were to look at the flags of the capitol building you would notice that a are at half staff paid that is to commemorate the passing of former house -- former house speaker tom foley, who passed away. he served from 19 29 to 2013. -- he lived from 1929 to 2013. supported ronald reagan, a -- that is in the washington post. bill young -- this is the right up -- all
, a pretty good track record. there were some things that i disagreed. the most dynamic tax reform we saw in the nation in the past four or five years. the only state in the nation that did tax reform, but it was not easy. i had some people on the one side who wanted to institute tax reform, and i did not think the numbers added up. as a conservative tom i want to make sure the numbers add up and do true accounting and make sure we have a balanced budget in the long run and trying to stimulate the economy. i have required them to compromise and i had to compromise some, but in doing so ,e came up with the magmatic reasonable tax reform that frankly stepped on the toes of everyone a little bit but we knew we had to change to become not only competitive with the nation and world, but i have to beat nikki haley and bill mcdonald next door to me. we have good republican governors that are my friends and competitors. we are fighting for jobs against each other. in doing so, i will respect what virginia and tennessee are doing , but as i have told nikki, we will beat you for jobs. she thinks th
. >> santoni's blamed the tax for putting them out of his this. jayne miller joins us live from city hall with an update. >> do not expect the decision to scare the mayor away from the city's bottle tax. some are asking is the tax really that bad? flag by legislators and community activists, lake expressed regret that it is closing after 33 years but rejected the claim that the bottle tax is to blame. >> it breaks my heart that he is closing but i think all of us are realistic about the reasons. >> you might expect her answer to the next question, which he consider revising the tax? >> absolutely not. cost him $4the tax million in sales in 2000 customers per week. goingch to absorb and the out of business sale is on. santoni got a new landlord. big bottle tax supporter is skeptical. >> to blame this on the bottle tax i think is stretching things a bit. the tax was the trump card with the city being able to convince the state to devote $1 billion to build new city schools. the bottle tax proceeds go to pay the debt. >> is never popular thing to increase attacks. taa tax. baltimore city cha
of suspending the medical device tax, i believe it's been referred to as a ransom payment and part of this deal. the speaker's office is saying that this idea was actually proposed by white house staff in negotiations last week. is that true or not? >> that is not true. what we have device tax or other elements within the affordable care act that lawmakers want to talking about in an effort to improve the affordableable care act we are willing to have. but not as in. the context of or as ran some for opening the government. that is why a provision like that appears in latest proposal that seems to be going nowhere from house republicans because it's an effort to try to buy votes from tea party republican who's shut this government down in the first place. >> they're not telling the truth about that? >> again, the conversations that have been had here and capitol hill about the medical device tax as far as we're concerned have been about our willingness as the president said and others in a broader context, not ran some for opening the government, not ran some for congress doing its job to pay o
about the way the taxes are structured in the banks were bailed out a and he was going to use shareholder meetings protesting the decisions of the bakers are making it what other corporations had mated basically that is probably what will happen over the next 10 or 50 years. some would tackle it with initiatives. california at a debate legislation proposed in dollars per hour minimum-wage bryce suspect that would happen with cross organizing and you say people who cable id with optimism with the obama but i suspect he himself realizes that if the and so are going to change he and his colleagues have to be flushed to make those changes. roosevelt said that that the people are record to push him in this seems to be with political leadership it is the age-old defense of both sides to gauge there is room for change. not overnighted overtime fare is proved to shift said debate on this. >> is terrific if we could give to it died a round of applause. [applause] i that those answers were so saw fall and detailed acute could really get into its. so let's have some questions and we will
a minivans because our children cannot sit in cars. basically, 5% tax--what is odd about this is that there is 16 percent tax on chewing gum, i did not understand this. maligne >> would that be said obviously, being overweight cost a lot of money. one piece of a device i can give people is that they need to lose weight and it'll cost them less money and it will be healthier. >> coming up with most speak to wealth preservation and retirement. >> will also have your e- mail is coming up. >> we will be right back. >> welcome back. rob black and your money. we are here with jack burton. clearly a lot of what you do as well as management. there is always a lot of fear. we will talk about some of the common concerns. >> we will start with the baby boomers and how the stock market may crash. >> 20 years ago--we used to talk about the demographics. it crashed-that's because baby boomers are retiring and that will sell all of their stocks and go to bonds. that will not get to throw retirement. i have never known any situation where people get to this magic data and sell all of the
and replace those with a two-year delay of the medical device tax, which places new taxes on things like case makers and hearing aids. >> it is very important for us in whatever proposal we move forward will reflect -- no special treatment for anybody under the law. >> eels are being worked on but time is running out. the treasury department will hit its borrowing limit in today's. both proposals are just temporary fixes. the senate plan does require a committee to hammer out a larger budget deal by mid-december. in washington, jennifer johnson, wbal-tv, 11 news. for a rush-hour headache. downtown drivers can expect lane and the road closures around the stadium. >> the ride by the new casino construction project is about to get treacherous. according to city officials, the left lane of northbound and southbound russell street will be shut down. he got onto some side roads into haynes street. it all starts today and lasts until july of next year. >> i'm just trying to drive around down there. that is where it goes. none that area. i think it is worth and have a casino there eventually. >> the
reagan and tip o'neil doing the last comprehensive tax reform. i think of bill clinton and a republican congress doing welfare reform and actually balancing the budget multiple years in the late 90 pps divided government san opportunity to tackle tough stuff, and we all know the unsustainable growth rate of entitlements is the single biggest challenge confronting america's future. if we don't fix that, we're not going to leave behind for our children the same kind of country our parents left behind for us. i wish president obama would lead and take advantage of the opportunities presented by divided government. >> schieffer: what are the first steps in doing that? do you want him to call you on the phone? do you want him to set up some kind of a meeting? do you want to let it be settled up there on the hill? because some-- even some democrats say the president has not been active enough in this fight. would you like more contact with him, or is that a waste of time? >> well, we've talked about this. what i'd like for him is to step up to the plate and do it. unfortunately, every discuss
-time on finding more americans more jobs. and high taxes in france. all of that and the start of hard core pawn. it is time for us to get going. ♪ ♪ >> welcome, i am neil cavuto. thank you to my buddy charles payne. $20 billion is a figure that is still sinking in. that is how much it is taking to get the vets to stop barking. now remember, folks, whatever your feelings about the big bang, get more people in homes, or we are us taking our dogs on you. not by getting their way, but by extorting their way then and now. jim tracy says that is what these big funds are really all about. he says he experienced it for himself when he was forced to pay millions. not to mention two years in prison for backdating stock options. they didn't remotely match the supposedly crime. so what do you make of this latest round? >> it is a funding of the deficit and they know they can get the money and i think some of the ceos are an unfortunate positions where they have to be pragmatic. >> normally you want to get something that the higher-ups won't be criminally prosecuted themselves. there are no guarantees,
enough, but giving this person federal tax dollarses sickening. vince is with the -- kris he wants background checks. no background checks now? >> there are but they're not expansive. every state has the opportunity to decide whether or not it wants to do background checks. remember, the federal government decided they're not going to do brown checks as -- background checks as a requirement for navigators in kansas now you have a state senator who is moving forward with legislation, trying to get this passed, that makes it so the background checks are expansive in addition to this woman who is an activist who trespassed on this gentleman's property this year as an activist. we also reported earlier this week there was a navigator in kansas, the same state, who had a warrants out for her arrest in addition to other shows, and illegal immigrants being navigators and former acorn members being navigators. >> i have report that form are acorn people are now navigators. union groups are supplying navigators. ralph anyway -- nadar ground providing navigators. they all shut they're mostl
average approval time the u.s. bureau of alcohol tax and trade bureau takes 75 days to approve a license. what did that lengthen you figure during the shutdown? how many days has your license taken for approval? >> well, my, my initial approval went through but the issue comes in to every single time you launch a new beer you have to wait for that label to be approved. so that adds on as every brewery in the country, like you said, 419 breweries opened in the last year. we almost 2500 breweries in america. that adds on to the process of everybody who is trying to launch a new beer this winter and next spring. dennis: so, mike, you first have to get federal approval to open up the brewery. but then anytime you introduce a new flavor you have to get federal approval for that? seems like a terrible up tryings on business. why should you have to get a federal approval of a new flavor? >> well, i mean in general it is really for safety. if, you know, especially with all the craft breweries, we're trying to do innovative and exciting new things. things are adding wild ingredients and different
for two year delay of the medical device tax and would force congress and white house officials to go on obamacare. 10:05 a.m. senate majority leader harry reid says he is confident the senate can reach a deal to avoid default. sounds positive. 11:07 a.m. the white house issues this statement saying the latest g.o.p. proposal is a partisan attempt to appease the tea party and that set off a fire storm among democrats. >> that progress evidently has struck here in the hearts -- fear in the hearts of the republican whose reckless behavior called upon them to sabotage the bipartisan effort in the united states senate. >> extremist republicans in the house are attempting to coimpede the progress with a bill that can't pass the senate, can't pass the senate, and won't pass the senate. >> we're not going to pay ransom from the american people to the tea party in order to open the government. >> and that brings to us 3:15 p.m. eastern. the time the president called house democrats to the white house. now, moments ago, talk of another house g.o.p. plan to be voted on tonight. we're going to g
will reach european levels in the future. something has to be done because no amount of tax increases is going to solve a problem. as a matter of fact that would probably make the problem worse. john: what is wrong with european levels. people say europe is doing okay. greece, italy, spain, portugal, and it is just a matter of time before france as their fiscal crisis. all of the western world, japan will blow up. same problems, politicians promising things that they cannot deliver an imposing tax burdens that are crippling private-sector. john: and get all week i heard, and we will hear from bob later, the problem is the debt ceiling. they should not have one. it is the uncertainty. john: the debt limit has been turned into the enemy as opposed to the actual federal debt. twenty-five years, everything in macon buy and consume in this economy will lobby the same size as the federal debt. we know from economic research seven accompany -- country has that my stead you have slow growth, less jobs. people cannot retire and it is a real problem. john: today the president says stop treating
no amount of tax increases is going to solve a problem. as a matter of fact that would probably make the problem worse. john: what is wrong with european levels. people say europe is doing okay. greece, italy, spain, portugal, and it is just a matter of time before france as their fiscal crisis. all of the western world, japan will blow up. same problems, politicians promising things that they cannot deliver an imposing tax burdens that are crippling private-sector. john: and get all week i heard, and we will hear from bob later, the problem is the debt ceiling. they should not have one. it is the uncertainty. john: the debt limit has been turned into the enemy as opposed to the actual federal debt. twenty-five years, everything in macon buy and consume in this economy will lobby the same size as the federal debt. we know from economic research seven accompany -- country has that my stead you have slow growth, less jobs. people cannot retire and it is a real problem. john: today the president says stop treating government like an enemy. >> people stop treating government like the ene
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